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Hadza Man, Tanzania

Long vistas and the dry season withered vegetation enable keen eyes to spot game miles away. From a wind-bowed tree on a ridge, a man named Mahiya peers across rough Tanzania terrain where Hadza bands range.

Elephant, Kenya

A rainbow streams over a lone elephant as it walks in Samburu National Reserve, a little-known jewel of northern Kenya that teems with wildlife.

Elephants, Namibia

This shot was taken just before the rainy season in Etosha National Park, Namibia, during an internship for the World Wildlife Fund-Namibia Chapter. The elephants were in the process of chasing away all the wildlife in the area from the watering hole. Then the dominant male proceeded to lead the charge on the parked vehicles as you are observing now. I like this picture because there is so much motion and you feel alive when being chased down by elephants


Giraffe in tall grass

Zebras, Kenya

Zebras huddling together

Moose, Snake River

Two moose finish their last meal of the day as the sun sets along the Snake River in Wyoming.

Fishing, Celebes Sea

In Semporna, many Filipinos and Malayu who traditionally fish for a living have erected hundreds of these homes in the Celebes Sea.

Hanuman Temple, India

Image was shot in Hampi, India at sunset of a very small Hanuman temple at the edge of town. Was able to balance the low light of the temple with the setting sun and silhouette the trees.

July 15, 2015
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