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Tundra Landscape, Russia

Rolling off Kronotsky Volcano, an autumn storm billows toward the tundra. This vast tweed of feathery grasses, red bearberries, and green crowberries attracts grazing reindeer, berry-picking bears, and curlews that swoop in by the thousands to strip the bushes of their fruit.

Painted Hills, Oregon Sunrise

Sunrise on the Painted Hills at John Day Fossil Beds National Monument, Painted Hills, Oregon. I had to travel three hours on very rural winding country roads in the dark, with steep drop-offs to get there for this opening shot of the day!

Storm Clouds, Grand Canyon National Park

Storm clouds clear to reveal frosted cliffs near Point Hansbrough in Arizona Grand Canyon National Park.

Big Cypress Reservation, Florida

In the green firmament of a slough, galaxies of duckweed are stirred by slow moving waters. Florida Seminole call this section of swamp the Jurassic.

Los Angeles Wildfires

From the view I had at the location, it looked as if there was a freeway leading directly to the hills of fire! It was amazing to see how life continued on despite the growing fire.

Mount Rainier, Washington

This image is of my wife on the summit ridge of Mount Rainier crater. I love the interplay between the mountain, sky, and human in this image

National Performing Arts Center, Beijing

China National Performing Arts Center hosted its first concert in 2007.

Storm Clouds, South Dakota

Large powerful storms can be nearly a daily occurrence during the summer months on the South Dakota plains. This one felt very mysterious as it filled the sky with dark, heavy clouds and thunder that shook the ground. It was as if two worlds were colliding

July 15, 2015
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